Breakup Sucks!!! – Be it a forceful decision or a mutually agreed one, It sucks, it will pain as hell and its terrible. Now lets see the top do’s and dont’s after ending a relationship. How to get over it follow our tips.

Accept the reality of Breakup

Accept the reality the first tip to get over a break up is to accept the reality. No matter what life has to move on. Take things lightly and stay away from negative influence. Stay motivated, I know it’s not easy as it sounds. Learn to accept the pain of the breakup. stop worrying about things and start focusing on building yourself up.


Don’t drink or┬ádo drugs

I understand it is tempting to have a large bottle of brandy or smoking up your greens. The fact that you have to understand is that this will depress you even more and push you in to a worse situation of acting like a jerk. Don’t let any one call you a weirdo because of your breakup decision. Be a man do not do any sort of idiotic stuffs that is going to make you feel bad about yourself. Remember there is always an option to patch up with the same person after a breakup don’t screw it up. Moreover next day you will get a bad hangover and your head is going to pain along with your heart ­čÖü


Don’t be alone

Ditch your loneliness it might feel better for sometime but it is actually the worst thing you can do for yourself in a breakup situation. Surround yourself with friends, family and people who care for you, call up people and speak for some time. Get out of your home go for a walk in the mall or a morning jog. Pack up your bag and travel along with your friends dont travel alone.


Avoid negative influence

Stay away from negative people or sadists who will make fun of your breakup┬ásituations. Specially do not share or like breakup quotes or pages which promote such things socially. don’t let the whole world know about your sorrow. Do not peep in to your partners profile every now and then and see what he/she is up to. It’s better to erase old memories and things that reminds about your days together. Try not to abuse your partner directly or indirectly on any social platform and screw up.┬á


Focus and Build yourself up

Start to focus on things that you like listen to some good motivation music start doing some productive things stop worrying about your breakup. Keep yourself busy and occupied. Focus on your appearance, get yourself a new haircut or some new clothes. Turn your pain in to motivation take a goal and try to achieve it. Remember every successful day you move further is another day you are getting out of your breakup. Plan your day ahead and work towards your goal. 



Some more tips to tackle breakup

Get a good new partner who can love you more and who can give you a long lasting permanent relationship. Do not hook up for any temporary relationships, that won’t help in the case of breakup it will worsen things.

Start playing your favorite video game in your leisure, this might sound kiddish, but  trust me it works do not sit idle. Plug in your play station and start playing. (personal experience from my breakup)


start working out, build up your body. make yourself fit. Don’t sleep too much and waste your time. Healthy body healthy mind.┬á


These are some tips that really help you to get out of your painful breakup. these tips really work as we have gathered it from personal experiences mine and my friends breakup recovery.

Don’t worry stay cool. Peace Out – Hungry Bachelors ­čÖé



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