Coolest jobs in the world – Top 12 cool jobs that make you jealous

Coolest jobs in the world – Top 12 jobs that make you jealous

Damn bro, my job sucks!!! Sounds familiar?  Yup, that’s your mind voice. When you get your balls crushed by your boss or an ass licking two faced colleague. Some times the work pressure screws you so hard by taking it’s turn. You regret thinking, why can’t I have one of those coolest jobs in the world.

Almost 99 percent of employees get this feeling at least once. The other one percent bimbo’s are termed as workaholic nerds.

Remember the Golden question “what you wanna become when you grow up?” that your parents and relatives ask you often. Astronaut, Doctor, Pilot, Engineer were your answers thinking those were the coolest jobs in the world. I personally answered Doctor and it took me years to figure out that am not a doctor material.

Apart from these odds, some people get what they wished as a kid, but to be honest was it their real interest? nope, only 20 percent think like that and satisfy themselves.

In my search apart from some weird things on the internet, I also found some of the coolest jobs in the world. I have listed them as per my interest. I will be more than happy, to take any one of these coolest jobs in the list. Lets have a quick sneak peak 😉

Video Game Tester

Are you a die hard gamer then this job is just for you. It’s always great to do what you love and get paid for it. Do you know what makes the job coolest, you get to play the games that are not released. Find bugs that will annoy players and make the world a better place.

coolest jobs in the world

Bike rider photographer for Google

Ever wondered how Google street view gets good HD quality pictures of your neighborhood in 3d? Satellite! Nah, Google actually has a cool job opening for a bike riding photographer. Just roam around the city in a bike, visit all tourist places and get paid for it.

coolest jobs in the world

Movie Critic

Are you a movie buff. Great, Review a movie, make some videos and get paid. Movie and series reaction videos are also gaining lot of popularity these days.The coolest part of this job is that you can watch movies in a special VIP preview show before the release.

coolest jobs in the world

Professional Zombie – London Dungeon

Scare people in the London dungeon. They offer a job to 50 people to dress up as the living dead. Cool right 😉

coolest jobs in the world

Hotel Reviewer/Travel Blogger

Love travelling? Then this is the coolest job for you. Stay in star hotels during your travel review their service for magazines and website publications and make money.

coolest jobs in the world

Wine/Beer tester

Being tagged alcoholic, great make money out of it by becoming a wine tester. Enjoy your life in beautiful wine yards and breweries. Drink taste the best wine and write about it and get paid for it.

coolest jobs in the world


Chocolate Consultant

Chocolate fan? become a chocolate consultant. Get unlimited supply of various variety of chocolate and let your choice melt in peoples lips.

coolest jobs in the world

Luxury Bed Tester

Yo bro, this is the coolest job, which we can literally dream about. Sleep on different bed’s and suggest your honest opinion to make the beds and the rooms sleeping ambiance better.

coolest jobs in the world

Lego Sculptors

Join Lego and bring back your childhood. Lego offers a cool job of being a Lego sculptor. build designs in to models for different companies. usually the competition for this job is high, you have to cool enough to get through their Interview process.

coolest jobs in the world

Water Slide Tester

Test water slides across the globe, become a safety engineer of world famous theme parks. Slide your way to happiness.

coolest jobs in the world

Luxury Island Care taker

This job is so cool, that you can spend your life in the vacation. Free stay, free food and free fun 😉 become a luxury island caretaker earn huge amount of pay and live life in peace.

coolest jobs in the world

Condom Tester

Become a condom tester. Yes, jobs like this do exist. This is claimed to be one of the coolest jobs in the world. Condom companies like Durex recruit people above the age of 18 to test condoms and give their honest opinion on their product. The only tip I suggest for this job is “Don’t lose the wood”

coolest jobs in the world

Peace out – Hungry Bachelors


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