Most Expensive Fidget Spinner Price with Pictures -Top 10 & Exclusives

Top 10 most expensive fidget spinners

What is a fidget spinner?

What is so special about it?

why are people going nuts for these spinners?

Spin it bro – you will know it šŸ™‚ The fidget spinner is not a new concept, it is in existence from the 90’s. One day a super bored chemical engineer namedĀ Catherine Hettinger. who applied a patent for the plastic fidget spinner later in 1993 and the metal ones to theĀ customized expensive fidget spinner were patented by their owners later after 2014. which is now used to enhance one person’s concentration. phew whatever for me seeing a spinner is fun.

yup, that’s all guys. it’s soooo boooring to talk about the history of these toys. Let’s have a quick sneak peek into the most expensive fidget spinners available to man. Most expensive fidget spinner that has been sold till date andĀ  Spinners that can be cheap as a meal on an economy flight and as expensive as a private jet.

Most Expensive Fidget Spinner On Sale

I believe most of us are aware of a Russian Jewellery company called Caviar, They are famous for manufacturing expensive Diamond and Gold limited editions jewels. Recently Caviar also made a bespoke Nokia 3310 mobile phone with Vladamir Putin’s picture in a gold case and another phone with Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin together.

Putin caviar gold phone

Trump and Putin Caviar gold phone

Caviar has introduced a gold toy for the big boys, A gold fidget spinner which is considered as the most expensive fidget spinner. Caviar sold this world’s most expensive fidget spinner for a whopping Ā£13000. See the original image below:

most expensive fidget spinner - Caviar

Cavier also introduced a black version of a skull printed fidget spinner which is made out of carbon and zinc this spinner is been told that it will boost testosterone in men.

caviar black skull fidget spinner

These are some of the expensive fidget spinners on sale for the people. Apart from that let’s move into the top 10 list of most expensive fidget spinners with prices, different types, and pictures below:

#10 The classic fidget spinner

Let’s start from scratch. Normally how expensive a fidget spinner can be a million dollar. I am not kidding, some of them are overhyped like that. The starting price of a classic fidget spinner costs from $6 – $20.

fidget spinner

Ā #9 Titanium case fidget spinner

Apart from the normal metal fidget spinners which cost around $20 to $40, we have this special titanium case fidget spinners available. Which roughly costs around $50 to $100.

fidget spinner

#8 Mecarmy GP1 Fidget spinner

The mecarmy Gp1 spinner is really stunning and one of the mot loved. This spinner is a cool looking black and titanium piece. it comes in 3 layers 2 black layers and one copper layer. The mecarmy Gp1 costs around $135 and more based on the design.

fidget spinner

#7 Alpha spinners

The Alpha spinners are super cool made in a brass/bronze metal body, it’s a two wing spinner. It as a 608 ball ceramic bearing with high-end quality, mostly white ceramic or silicon glass ceramic. This guarantees a minimum of 5 minute spin time. The cost of this spinner is around $200 plus.

fidget spinner

#6 EDC hand spinners

As the name says these spinners are metal spinners which can spin on your hand. The hand spinners mostly comes in a circle shape. the car steering type, the alloy type, and captain America shield type are some examples of hand fidget spinners. These spinners are bit expensive and cost around $ 250.

fidget spinner

#5 Turbine fidget spinners

The turbine fidget spinners are really funky and it is one of the thick width fidget spinners, in other names it is also called as the rainbow fidget spinners. This costs around $275 – $300.

fidget spinner

#4 Black lotus Tri fidget spinner

The black Lotus Tri fidget spinner is one of the best of its kind. It is made of black metal and it’s super heavy. It runs on R188 ceramic hybrid bearing. The spinner is quiet and high-end design. costs around $ 350.

fidget spinner

#3 Finger Tip fidget spinners

Fingertip spinners are small and coolest one in the kind, it keeps your mind relaxed than the other spinners, the bearing and working model in this spinner is the precision type and costs around $400 – $450.

fidget spinner

#2 Sunny tech 925 fidget spinners

The sunny tech 925 is a stainless steel spinner type, sunny tech is a known name in the spinner industry. It is quality tested CNC body tri high-quality spinner. This spinner costs around $500.

fidget spinner

#1 Gold and Diamond spinners

Done is done, how can we give us our elite class people in this spinner world. Most of the spinners are customized and made for different human taste but the super rich who moan about the touch of steel to their hand, they play with another metal, spinners for the super rich and super expensive which are made of Ā “24 carat gold & diamonds” cost ranges between $100000 – a million dollars.

fidget spinner

Whatever bro be happy with the spinner you can afford for as I am very satisfied with my $6 Fidget spinner.


Peace out – keep spinning – Hungry Bachelors.

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