Get Six Pack Abs Fast – 7 Insane Six Pack Tips


Get Six Pack Abs Fast



Pop Your Six Pack Abs Fast – Insane Tips

Have you ever wondered why you are still not able to get those six-pack abs to pop up?

You may have worked hard, done all the exercises along with proper diet, still, you are not getting results…

It is not your fault and you need some tips to get six pack abs fast.

If you have ever heard of Pareto principle, you know “80% of your actions will get you 20% of your results and 20% of your actions give you 80% of your results”.

Up until now, you may have been doing the 80% of things which has given you 20% of results which sadly is not enough to get you six pack abs fast.

It all will change today as you will know 7 insane tips on how to get six pack abs fast. This really is the 20% of things you have to do which gets you 80% of the results.

These are not specific exercises you have to do, which you already know. Instead, these are strategic tips which make sure that you do get results with the workout, you are doing.

Imagine hot girls head turn when you just walk past them…

Imagine being envied by other guys and being secretly and respected at the same time for having six pack abs. After seeing your ripped six pack abs they too will be wondering how to get six pack abs fast like you.

You can get these results…

Here are some 7 insane tips to get six pack abs fast.

These are tips related to workout and proper diet.

Let’s dive in…to workout tips guaranteed to get six pack abs fast

Tip#1 Focus on building muscle instead of burning fat

No matter how much fat you burn through a workout, if you are not doing workout specifically focused on building your abdomen muscles, you will not see visible abs.

If you focus only on burning fat by dieting, you will end up with a flat stomach instead of ripped 6 pack abs.

To make the abdomen muscles visible you have to progressively add weight to each workout.

So if you start with 10 kg of weights, instead of focusing on more reps with it, focus on increasing the weight to 15 kg, then 20kg. You have to keep on pushing up your comfortable weight levels. Do 8-10 reps with heavy weight and then move on to the next heavyweight

Tip #2 Frequent workouts-To build ab muscles you need to workout frequently.

Get Six Pack Abs Fast

Abs recover fast compare to other muscles. So to see the results you have to workout your abs frequently.Important thing is to balance workout with recovery time.

Muscles grow during recovery times. So it is best to do 3 workouts per week with recovery time in between.

Tip#3 Give more attention to your abs-More sets and exercises

If you want six-pack abs but give less priority for ab workout compared to other body parts, you will have a long road to travel to see that six-pack abs.

You have to give a minimum of 30-60 minute workout for your abs, otherwise, you won’t see much results.

When you do the workout, make sure you do it with progressive weights as explained above.

Now let’s jump into diet tips-To boost up your metabolism.

A proper diet that includes proteins, carbs and fats will boost your metabolism to the point where your body is burning fat consistently and accelerate your progress to six-pack abs.

Even if you have done all the greatest workout to build your six pack abs, if you do not choose your diet properly, you are not going to get that ripped 6 pack abs. Your ab muscles will be hiding behind the fat on your midsection.

It is the proper diet which burns the fat that covers the ab muscles you have worked hard to develop.

Tip#4 Diet: Eat protein to burn fat

Get Six Pack Abs Fast

Taking a good amount of lean protein-rich foods is really good for building your muscles and burning fat.

Proteins are hard to break down compared to carbs and fat. So protein breakdown will use a lot of calories and results in burning down lots of fat, also lean protein helps you a lot in bulking up your abdomen muscles.

Tip #5 Carbs after the workout

No, don’t worry carbs won’t make you fat as believed widely. In fact, carbs after a workout provide you with the necessary antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber you need. Also, there is a little chance that it will turn to fat.

Suggested carbs-oats, brown rice, whole wheat

Get Six Pack Abs Fast

Tip #6 Eat fats to maintain stable insulin levels

There is a myth that eating fat doesn’t help in getting six pack abs and must be avoided at all cost.

Eating a decent amount of fish oils and nuts will help you maintain your insulin levels and make sure you do not feel hungry all the time. Avoids you feel hungry irregularly that you have a tendency to eat junk food.

Tip #7 Drinking cold water

Get Six Pack Abs Fast

You may be thinking why to drink cold when you can drink it warm.

Here is why – Body use up a lot of energy to warm the cold water. This will result in burning more calories and will also boost your metabolism.

Also, drinking water consistently will make sure that you will lose weight consistently and avoid putting it back up.

As promised here is the secret tip to accelerate your progress to six pack abs 2X…

Be consistent!

Yes, you read that right. If you can be consistent with implementing all the tips mentioned above you will 2X your progress. Most people are lazy and they are not consistent with the workouts.

Make a habit of doing the workout and eating proper diet just like you do brushing and bathing. If you do, you will amaze yourself with the progress you make.

Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these tips are you going to use first?

Have you tried any of these in the past and what was your results?

Share your experience by commenting below.

Peace out – Hungry Bachelors

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