Growing a great beard is every man’s dream, Beard differentiates real men from boys. Follow these simple tips to grow beard of you dream.

 Start with a shave

Thinking to grow beard! Start with a shave, yes get a clean shave before starting your beard journey. clean your face completely, shaving will help you to grow beard evenly. Don’t shave or trim your beard for the next three to four weeks until you get a good stubble look, wash your face regularly at least twice a day 🙂 

grow beard


Beards are very itchy in nature because of the dryness in the skin. “DON’T QUIT” this will stop with in first four weeks, use moisturizer regularly this will soften the beard and helps it to fight against the itchiness and dryness. Exfoliate the skin to keep it fresh and tidy. Be patient beards really takes time to grow. This purely depends on your healthy habits,maintenance and body hormones.

Grow beard


Testosterone is the no 1 male hormone this helps in growing beard faster, dump your bad habits like smoking, drinking this lowers your body testosterone level, eat clean and good natural fat burning foods which keeps your body healthy and fit. Increase your intake of Vitamin D which is available in sources like egg yolks, fishes like Tuna and Salmon.

Grow beard


Grow beard during winter, summer is not a good time to grow beards. Guys, beard does not have a time chart to grow, proper care makes the beard cool in all seasons. More over growing beard in summers acts as soft protective layer for  your skin from the sun. 

Beard Maintenance is expensive – never, we ain’t buying that reason. Proper care doesn’t mean expensive products, use your regular moisturizer and almond oil don’t go for those fancy beard oil’s and waxes grow beard naturally.  

Brown/grey beard is not cool, black is great, no definitely not. All color or beards are great grow beard for your satisfaction don’t feel bad about its color. Globally brown, salt and pepper look of beards are more attractive compared to the black ones 😉 

Chicks hate beards – That’s a big fat lie. Women prefer men with beard over the clean shaved ones, a survey states that 80% of the female gender found men with beard to be more manly. 

grow beard



Choose the beard style that suits your face, don’t go for the beard you like, go for the one that suits you better. 

Don’t go for expensive beard oils, massage your beard with almond oil every night before going to sleep. Wash off the oil in the morning using shampoo and apply good moisturizer every day before you hit the sun. This will help you to grow beard naturally and fast.

Trim your beard every at least once in a week, regularly trimmed beard grows much faster. Also don’t forget to comb your beard, lubricate the comb with drops of almond oil, don’t make it look like a birds nest 🙂 

Grow beard

Hope our tips were useful, Grow beard to the fullest – Hungry Bachelors.

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