Hairstyle Special – Men Top 10 Haircuts of 2017

Times change and so does the taste of people, men hairstyle has not been an exception to it. New hairstyles come up every year but there are some hairstyles which have stood for decades and some based upon the latest trend. In this article we are covering up the top 10 men hairstyles of 2017 which is a perfect mixture of classic elegance and modern trend.

#10 The Fade Hairstyle

The fade hairstyle is there for sometime is also used by lot of Hollywood celebrities including Will Smith. This hairstyle perfectly matches for the dudes with super curly hair. The Fade ranks #10 in our list for 2017.


  #9 The Man Bun

The Man bun is for the guys with some soft and long hair, this is a knot type of hairstyle which is most popular among older day sumo players, the sumo haircut is actually the inspiration of the top knot man bun. The man bun hairstyle also comes with an undercut variant. The Man bun ranks #9 in our top hairstyles list for 2017.

Hairstyle hairstyle

#8 The Classic Side Part

The classic side part is there in to use from several decades, It is considered as a gentlemen haircut. The new version of the classic side part is with a deep cut in the partition of both the sides. The classic side part ranks #8 in our top hairstyles list for 2017.


#7 The Long Round

The long round is a lengthy layered hairstyle this haircut was mostly used by the hockey players back in the 80’s and 90’s. This is one of the most popular hairstyles available for the guys with long silky hair. The long round ranks #7 in our top men haircuts of 2017.


#6 The Buzz Cut

The buzz is a very short haircut which is inspired from the soldiers. This was used in the army just to keep the soldiers look clean and tidy and avoid getting caught by the enemy in the time of an one to one combat. This is now one of the most common hairstyle in the western countries. The buzz cut ranks #6 in our top men hairstyles list for 2017.


  #5 Short Messy hair

The Short messy hairstyle is a medium but textured type of haircut, this is for the people who have a sharp face and a stubble look. This is one of the most popular haircuts across the world, this is also called as the short or medium spikey in some countries. The short messy ranks #5 in our top men haircuts list for 2017.


#4 The Tousled

The tousled is a kind of long messy hairstyle. This is one of the most loved haircut of guys with long wavy hair texture. The tousled ranks #4 in our top men hairstyles list for 2017.


#3 The Pompadour

The pompadour is in to use from the 1950’s it is one of the hairstyles which has survived through the decades from the kings time to the pop stars and it is in regular use till now, it is worn by popular celebrities like David Beckham, Maclemore and Zayn Malik. The pompadur ranks #3 in our top men hairstyles list for 2017.

hairstyle hairstyle

# 2 The Quiff

The quiff is a slick back hairstyle which is a combination of the old classy pompadour and the new age flat top. This is one of the most popular haircut loved by the teenagers in the current time. The Quiff ranks #2 in our top men hairstyles list for 2017.


#1 The Undercut

The undercut is the use from the 1920’s and still is the most popular hairstyle till date as this haircut can be used in a combination with most of the styles available. This is worn by most famous music professionals like Skrillex. More than a hairstyle the undercut has became an must try to all the youngsters out there. The undercut ranks #1 in our top men haircut list for 2017.


Most of the hairstyles are incomplete with a proper beard look. Make sure that you grow a stubble or a cool looking beard that suits your hairstyle. 

We can hear some dudes saying bro we are half bald. Don’t worry mates, we suggest shave your head completely and go for just a beard. 

hairstyle  Style and Swag is not in the looks, it’s definitely in the attitude 😉 – Hungry Bachelors 

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