How To Answer Salary Expectation – Salary Negotiation Tips

Salary Negotiation – How To Answer Salary Expectations.

This is a very crucial part in a bachelors life. Being jobless is similar to be in a breakup situation. Job and Salary are the blood of your life. How to negotiate it? How to Ace the question of salary expectation?

First tip : Don’t be shy.

Salary Expectation

Everyone of us will face a similar question at least once in your life, unless your dad is a freaking millionaire. Let’s see the step by step process of a salary negotiation. Now let’s get in to the detail.

There are three types of people who will ask you this question.

  1. Head Hunter/Job Consultant
  2. Human Resource Manager
  3. Hiring Manager

Most of your friends and people so called “Gurus” say give all of them a range. But I think something different.

The Head Hunter/Job Consultants

The head hunters or the job consultancy agents are not the final decision makers, they work of the company which offers the job vacancy. So if you get a call from a consultant asking your salary expectation, do not give a direct answer to them. Instead shoot the question back to them, Ask them what is their clients budget for the position. Most of the times they will give you a salary range. Then you can go ahead and say “Yes” or “No” depending up on your expectation.

Salary Expectation

Human Resource Manager

The first round of your interview process is done and the HR manager is asking you your salary expectation. Don’t be exited thinking you are selected for the role. The interview process is still not complete. Salary negotiation is also a part of the interview process. Remember this is first stage of your interview process. The HR asks you this question because they want to eliminate any candidate who fall out of the salary range. They really don’t want to take the risk of introducing such candidate to the hiring manager.

Salary Expectation

So, if the HR asks you, what is your salary expectation? I suggest you not to give out any outright answer, the HR will insist to get the information from you. In such situations you can answer something like. “I believe Hungry Bachelors will offer a good package with in the industry standards”  Let’s assume you can’t resist and the HR is very adamant is getting a answer from you. In such situation, you give out an answer. Give the salary range that you have have known through your research on that particular position and in some cases the number range that you have heard from the consultant.

The Hiring Manager

The hiring manager is going to be the decision maker and he is most likely to be your line supervisor or boss. I strongly suggest you to be completely honest with your hiring manager about your salary expectation. Feel free to say him that you don’t have an idea about the salary range, say that you did some research on forums about the salary for this position in the industry. Say, you will be happy if the salary is within the industry standards.

Salary Expectation

I bet you he will agree it as you are sounding too greedy or too low about your salary expectation.

Just in case you are referred by a headhunter/external consultant you can give the exact range which they have told you before, because they know their clients better.

Hope the article was helpful.

Peace out – Hungry Bachelors






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