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Fitness Model – Tips & Tricks

If you are someone who desires to become like the fitness model you have seen in movies, magazines or tv ads with a lean body and six pack abs then this article will give you the top tips on how to become a fitness model.

First of all fitness modeling is different from bodybuilding. In bodybuilding ripped and huge muscles are required. In fitness modeling, you only need toned, lean muscles that are in shape.

You need to have something unique whether it is your face or physique to shine as a fitness model.

But even if you lack certain qualities, the tips you are going to read here will help you overcome the limitations and qualities required to succeed in this field.

The tips are divided into following sections:

Mindset tips

Diet tips

Workout and fitness tips

Tips for marketing yourself

Go through each section, find where you need to put in the work to become a successful fitness model.

The Mindset Required As A Fitness Model

Let’s first jump into the mindset. This is critical because even if you have all other qualities if you have a poor mindset you will not make it as a fitness model.

Fitness model industry has cut-throat competition. Mostly dominated by women, women make the most money out of fitness modeling.

There are men fitness models, making millions per year, but compared to women models they are less.

In addition to making a good amount of money, you also can attain fame and mass media exposure.

Make a Long-term Commitment

The first mindset shift you have to make to become a successful fitness model is to make a long-term commitment.

If you are only interested in this for a few months and gets discouraged by not getting quick results, you will not be successful. Have a timeline of 1-3 years and consistently implement the tips you are given here.

You have to stay committed to working out consistently. Maintaining your body shape is critical throughout the year, as you may never know when an opportunity will pop up in front of you.

Market Yourself Consistently

Having the great physique required as a fitness model is not enough by itself. You have to put yourself out there in front of modeling agencies, participate in fitness competitions and network with people who can help you become a fitness model.

We will talk more about putting yourself out there in the marketing tips section.

Never Ever Give Up

Fitness model

Finally in regards to mindset, never ever give up on your chase to become a successful fitness model.

Most fitness models do it as a part-time gig. So you don’t have to do it

full-time, but you have to make sure that you are constantly moving forward to your goals.

Physical Requirements You Need As A Fitness Model

Not everyone will have the physical requirements required for a fitness model. Physical characteristics like height are not changeable, but there are things you can work on to make it as a fitness model.

With that said, here are the general physical requirements for a men fitness model.

It is ideal to have a height of 5ft 10in to 6ft 3in or above.

You need to be physically fit with a lean athletic body. A firm muscle tone with healthy-looking skin is required. Bonus points if you are good looking and attractive.

These requirements are not set in stone and there will be exceptions. But these are good guidelines to evaluate yourself.

Diet Tips

A great physique cannot be built with workout only, you also need proper diet too. It’s true to say that your physique is really made in the kitchen!

Eat A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet including carbohydrates, proteins, and fat is essential. Consume about 50% of carbs, 30% proteins and 20% of fats.

This is a general ratio that works for most men. Experiment with a diet plan and make changes depending on the way you get results.

Healthy food that is also good sources of protein is beef, beans, egg white, and fish.

Fruits And Vegetables For Healthy Skin And Hair

As a fitness model having healthy looking skin is really important.

Include a good amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet-green beans, kiwis, berries, broccoli’s are all good.

Eating fruits and vegetables will also help to have healthy beautiful hair.

Fruits and water

Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking lots of water keep the body hydrated during work out sessions. Also, it helps to metabolize proteins and flush out toxins from the skin.

Things To Avoid From Your Diet

Avoid sugary and salty foods, also foods with preservatives.

Consumption of alcohol and carbonated drinks are not good for health.

It will not help you to maintain a healthy skin and skin tone as required by a fitness model.

As a final diet tip, to lose weight reduce the calorie intake gradually.

It is important to reduce the intake gradually.

If the reduction is done drastically body will start storing calories, as it will be in starving mode. This is not good for developing shredded abs.

Workout And Fitness Tips

Fitness model

With proper diet and workout, you can sculpt the physique required by a fitness model. With the diet tips out of the way, we can now focus on workout tips.

As said earlier, you are not required to achieve ripped and huge muscles like a bodybuilder to become a fitness model. You just need to be physically fit with a lean athletic body and healthy skin.

Cardio Exercises-To Burn Fat And Build Muscles

Fitness model

The most helpful exercises in this regard are cardio exercises.

Cardio exercises help you to burn fat and also in building muscles.

Try cardio exercises like walking, cycling, rope jumping, running, kickboxing etc to get you the most results.

Along with cardio exercises do crunches and situps to build your abs.

Fitness model

Increase Anaerobic Threshold

Increasing anaerobic threshold is essential to get the physique of a fitness model.

Anaerobic threshold is the ability of the body to remove lactic quickly.

Having a high anaerobic threshold allows you to workout harder and longer.

You can increase the anaerobic threshold by doing interval training in a treadmill or on an outdoor track.

Do Pilates Training

Pilates training is a great way to increase flexibility, endurance, strength, control and build lean muscles.

Pilates training also reduces stress and improves agility.

Pilates training

In regards to workout tips, training sessions with small weights and small intervals produce better results than working longer with heavy weights.

Workout different muscles groups each day for five days and rest two days. Rest is important as muscles are developed during resting periods.

Tips For Marketing Yourself

Even if a product is really the best in the market, it won’t sell by itself.

Likewise, you can have the best physique, but if you don’t put yourself out there you will not become a successful fitness model.

Here are the marketing tips you can use to get maximum exposure as a fitness model

Craft An Irresistible Portfolio

Fitness model

To sell yourself you need an irresistible portfolio. Your portfolio consists of your photos containing your best poses, physical measurements and a brief description of yourself and why you want to become a fitness model.

When you take pictures to make sure to take 100’s of snaps first.

Then from that choose your best 3 -5 poses and add it to your portfolio pictures.

You can even make these 3-5 poses your go-to poses, when you have to appear in photoshoots. Because by using these poses every time, your poses will appear natural and will be the best ones.


Reach Out To Online Modeling Agencies

Now that you have your portfolio, you can use it to reach out to online modeling agencies.

Google online modeling agencies, study their submission requirements.

Make changes in your portfolio based on their requirements and send it to them.


Most online modeling agencies have connections with photographers, magazines, advertisers and other modeling agencies. This is a good way to get exposure in the industry.

Although you will be competing with 100’s of other candidates, by doing it in mass volume and consistently, the law of averages will be in your favor and you will get good results.

Participate In Modeling Competitions And Auditions

Modeling competitions are a good way to get exposure, as these competitions will get the attention of fitness companies, advertisers, fitness photographers, magazines and modeling agencies.

Also, you can search for fitness magazine auditions.

Find out the requirements for the auditions and prepare accordingly.

Watch fitness competition videos and try to emulate the poses of winners.

Do pose training for 30 minutes every day for 6 weeks before the competition.

While in a fitness competition all your poses must come out naturally. without being hard or tense. You have to learn to contract your abs while being relaxed. All this can be accomplished through practice.

Great physique is only one of the criteria used by the judges while choosing the winner, there are several others too.

Your personality is really significant. Your attitude, the amount of confidence and charisma you can display is really important.

Fitness Model

You need to have good muscle tone and posture symmetry. Your attractiveness is also taken into consideration, along with how marketable you are as a fitness model.

It is important to find a balance between your level of fitness, muscle tone, and leanness versus your skeletal structure, body type, and even personality.

Get Help From Fitness Model Agents

If you search online you will be able to find fitness model agents. You can also do a local search for fitness model agents.

Fitness model

Reach out to them with your portfolio and let them find you modeling gigs.

The important thing here is to not get scammed. See if you can get reviews of the agents from other models and pay the agents only if they can get you bookings.

Work With Successful Fitness Model Photographers

Find professional fitness photographers who are regularly getting their work published in popular fitness magazines. Reach out to them with your portfolio and see if they can provide you some modeling gigs.

Fitness model

You can even offer to work with them for free. That way it is less risky on their part and you get an opportunity to show off your talent.

Even if they are not able to provide you any modeling gigs, try to build a relationship and be nice to them.This way if they like you, you will be given work in the future or referred to other photographers.

Opportunities you have as a fitness model

As a fitness model, you can appear in magazine ads, can be a model for fitness companies and feature in their product ads. You also have the opportunity to appear in many other commercial ads.

In all the above cases, you must have a marketable and commercially attractive look that get interests from a broad range of clients and consumers.

What Types Of Companies Fitness Models Work For?

There is a wide range of companies you can work for as a fitness model.

Some of them include supplement manufacturers, athletic wear companies, fitness magazines and fitness companies.

The opportunities and possibilities are endless but modeling can be unglamorous and unprofitable for fresh faces.

You also have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, must be committed to physical fitness, should be in good shape and must be good looking in camera.

Fitness modeling is highly competitive, need hard work and dedication, but the tips you have been given here will give you an edge over other guys if you implement them consistently.

Have you used any of these tips in your pursuit to become a fitness model?

What were your results?

Which tips you liked most here and which of them you will be trying next?

Do you have any other new tips to add, that you got results with?

Please let us know by commenting below.

Peace out – Hungry Bachelors


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