How to kiss a girl – Tips For a kiss That She Will Never Forget

How to kiss a girl

Kiss is a stress reliever – Kissing burns calories – Kissing reduces blood pressure – Kiss gives you energy!!!

Cut the crap mate. The ugly truth is most of the men out there have no idea how to kiss a girl. We discuss with friends, we surf the internet for some video tutorials and articles with self explanatory pictures. Gentlemen that will not help you. You have to go with the flow and work your own way out 🙂 kiss

A perfect kiss

A perfect kiss – Trust me it doesn’t exists. There is nothing as perfect or imperfect kissing. Come on, It’s not a manual with steps of certain rules to follow with pictures. There is no such thing as a perfect kiss all kisses are beautiful. Kisses helps build closeness and love with your partner. Feel it! Don’t be aggressive and act savage. 


Be Dominant

Take a stand, be dominant. Do not expect the girl to ask you – This doesn’t mean that you can go and smooch any random girl on the street and end up in trouble. Test the waters, if both of you are in a relationship for some time and you both are comfortable with each and think it is the correct time. Don’t make the girl think that you are pervert, wait for the right time.

Girls generally are unattractive towards  guys who are so shy and timid, don’t act like a meow cat. Be a man, hold her firmly, pull her towards you and lay a gentle kiss.  


Enjoy the kiss

During kissing don’t panic thinking about that you have to follow the  basic rules that you read on the internet yesterday, forget all those stuff that ain’t helping. Kiss with passion, kiss with love. enjoy it and give your girl the feel that you will be her man.

I read some articles saying look in to the eye when you kiss a girl, Do not do that at your initial level of relationship of kiss, trust me guys it looks creepy, just hold her cheeks with your palms with fingers around her neck and kiss gently.



Stay clean

Be it a boy or a girl no one is interested in the flavor of onion and garlic which you had for your last meal, make sure you brush and keep yourself clean before a kiss. use some mouth fresheners if possible.

Stand alone from the crowd

There is little secret that can differentiate you from the crowd. Generally most of the guys think that I kissed her and its done. No it’s not, That’s not the fact! The girl have think on this kiss when you are away. If you want to stand alone in her mind and to win that special place in her heart follow this tip. 

After a long kiss when you are about to leave give her a small small finishing kiss on the forehead. Be it a girl in any part of the world. I guarantee you that she is going to remember this because you are giving her confidence and trust. Sounds like magic try it out guys it really works. Give her a kiss that she never forgets 🙂 


Happy kissing – Peace out – Hungry Bachelors.

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