Momo Challenge – WhatsApp Suicide Game – Complete Overview

Momo Challenge – WhatsApp Suicide Game Warning

Momo challenge

We have recently encountered “Blue Whale” which was an online game which gives 50 days of disturbing tasks to its players and pushes them to suicide on the 50th day.  The Blue Whale trend is off now but here comes a new WhatsApp viral suicide game “Momo Challenge”, which has taken a life of a 12-year-old Argentinian girl.

This  Happened

A kid sees his sister trying to hang herself on a tree in their family backyard. He panics and alerts his parents and all 3 of them rush to save that 12-year-old girl, but it was too late, the girl was not able to be rescued. The parents saw the mobile phone of the girl set upright recording the complete suicide. This happened in the district of Escobar in Argentina.

Momo challenge

The parents called the police who started to unwrap the case. They discover a mobile number saved in the name of MOMO, which is said to be a Japanese number belonging to an 18-year-old. Adding to that this there was a creepy image of a woman with bulged eyes as a display picture for the contact. The image is said to be taken from the work of a famous Japanese artist Midori Hayashi.

Momo Challenge

It all starts with a simple message from an unknown number asking to add the contact and save it as Momo, who wants to be your friend. The conversation starts like a good friend and slowly moves towards the creepier side. Momo slowly asks the children to send pictures of themselves in different poses and places around the house. This is how the Momo controller slowly knows every personal detail about its target.

Slowly Momo starts to send disturbing messages and pictures of children who have suicided in the past. These images are suspected to be attached with a form of malware which hacks your phone when you download or click it. The Momo takes complete control of your mobile phone, personal data and your mobile camera, which becomes the eyes of the Momo controller. Similar kind of message has been reported in the United States, Europe, Spain, and Mexico.

Campaigns have started in Mexico against this deadly game.

Momo challenge

What to do

Parents should talk to their kids more closely and monitor their day to day online activities. Making a habit of discussing stuff that happened in the school and discussion happened between friends might help us to identify if our children or any of their friends are being affected.

If we notice any of their friends discussing such things its better to flag it to his parents and help that child out.

  • Talk to them don’t interrogate.
  • Let them talk, listen to what they have to say. Let the children express what is bothering them.
  • Acknowledge their worries and give them a secured feel.
  • Teach the children, how to say a strict no to things they don’t want to do.
  • Make them understand that you are always there for them, make them feel comfortable to share things with you.

This game is spreading on WhatsApp in a viral manner, the spokesperson of WhatsApp has asked to block such numbers and report them so that they can take action.

Stay Safe – Crazy world – Hungry Bachelors


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