Protein rich foods for bodybuilding – Best source of protein

Best source of protein

Building an aesthetic body is every man’s dream. Be it a weight loss or bodybuilding goal protein foods play a very important role in health and fitness world.

Proteins rich foods are very essential for body building, many people think that foods with protein is expensive and is a rich man’s sport. Guys, come on there were super body builders in the world even before the age of the pre work out and post  work out shakes. Let have a look in to the best source of protein available.

Chicken Breast Fillets

Chicken breasts are a very good source of protein a grilled or boiled chicken breast has around 31 grams of protein it is good to include chicken breast fillets in your everyday meal plan. Chicken Breasts are one of the best source of protein available to man.


Eggs are very good sources of protein, eggs are cheap and best source of protein, which we can include in our every day breakfast. Add 5 – 6 egg whites in your daily diet plan, also add a whole egg in any form of egg recipes like boiled, omelette. Protein is important so is the vitamin D in whole egg to boost your natural testosterone production.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a very good source of protein, having a loaf of brown bread with some peanut butter on it will help you keep up your caloric diet plan on the roll.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is rich Casein protein. Casein protein takes time in breaking down,  so it is best consumed during dinner. The casein protein breaks down in your body slowly during your sleep and help you build muscles. 

 best source of protein


Fish is one of the best foods available for humans. Fish contains very low percent of fat. Fish is filled with good protein. fish like Tuna are very good for body building. 

Eat clean and  healthy food – Hungry Bachelors 

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