Flight ticket bookings – naah, those are for kids. Private Jets are for the BIG BOYS. We have listed the top 5 most expensive Private Jets, their price and its pride owners. Lets Jet Set Go!!!

#5. Gulf Stream G650

The Gulf Stream G650 is a sleek and speedy private jet available at a price tag of $65 million. This private jet is considered as one of the economic Jets in the industry. Gulf Stream G650 can accommodates two cabin crew members and 11 – 18 passengers on board based upon its design.  The jet flies at a maximum speed of 612 knot that is around 982 kilometers per hour. Proud Owners – Phil Knight, Chairman of NIKE inc and the owners of Starbucks. 

Private Jets


#4 Airbus a319 cj

Airbus a319 cj is a commercial flight from the Airbus A380 family, It is considered one of the luxurious private jets in the market because of its narrow body and space. This type of private jets are well known for their stunning interiors. the price tag of these private jets are somewhere around $85 – $90 millions. Vijay mallya was a pride owner of Airbus A319. 

Private Jets

#3 Boeing 767-200

Boeing private jets are well known for their performance they have served the airline and the cargo industry for decades. These private jets are perfectly designed for long distance travels they can go up to a top speed of 493 knots that is around 567 miles per hour. The basic price of the Boeing 767 – 200 private jets are $ 120 millions. Larry page the co founder of Google and Russian businessman Roman Abramovich own this bad beast.

Private Jets

#2 Boeing 747 – Dream liner

This is another gem in the Boeing family of private jets, these jets are designed specially for the world class businessmen to travel their business trips in comfort, due the narrow and spacious body of these  private jets the interior of the Boeing 747 is stunning luxurious. The Boeing Dream liner private jet comes with a starting price of $150 millions. There are lot of businessmen who owns this bad boy, see the image below to know a owners name. 

Private Jets

#1 Airbus A380

Airbus A380 is the worlds largest passenger airplane and the most luxurious and expensive private jet on the planet. If you want to build your own palace in the skies then this is your option. Airbus A380 private jet can fly up to 7000 kilo meters without refilling, along with all luxurious utilities it can accommodate a Rolls Royce car in it. These private Jets come with a price tag of $400 – $500 million. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud bought his customized Airbus A380 private jet for half billion dollars. private Jets


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