Top 5 super bikes in the world – Best super bikes of 2017

Top 5 super bikes

Top 5 super bikes

Owning a Super Bike is every guy’s dream. Super bikes give you wings to fly and makes you completely feel attached to it. It’s not a rider and a bike. It’s about being one soul and one mind. The human bonding to his bike is really un explainable, Imagine if your first bike was a super bike – yo! that feeling is priceless. In this topic we will see about the TOP 5 Super Bikes in the world and the best super bikes of 2017. We have ranked these super bikes based up on their performance.

#5 BMW S 1000 R

The BMW S 1000 R is a mean machine the latest version of this beast was released in 2017. The BMW S 1000 R is a 1000 cc super bike which weighs around 201 kilo grams. The top speed recorded on BMW S 1000 R super bike is 208 km/hour and it comes with a price tag of $14,000 based up on the performance the bike is ranked no 5 in the top 5 super bikes in 2017.

#2 Honda RC 213 V-S

One of the best super bikes of 2017 is from the house of Honda.  This super bike is another 1000 cc variety weighing 189 kilo grams. The Honda RC 213 V-S comes with a price tag of $184,000. Honda RC 213 V-S claims to have a top speed of 270 Miles per hour. This super bike from Honda Ranks no 2 in the best super bike of 2017 list.

#3 Ducati 1299 Panigale

Launched at the Milan Motorcycle Show the Ducati 1299 Panigale is one of the best made super bike from Ducati. The bike weighs around 168 kilo grams is priced at $19,295 to $24,995. This is a 1298 cc super bike has recorded its top speed near to 300 Kilo meter per hour. The Ducati 1299 Panigale ranks no 3 in the top 5 super bikes of 2017.

#2 The Yamaha R1

Yamaha is a huge brand in the super bike industry. The name loved by all the super bike lovers around the world. The Yamaha R1 is  bad beast which weighs around 200 kilo grams and has a recorded top speed of 320 kilometer per hour. The Yamaha R1 comes with a price tag of $ 20,495. The reasonable price tag and performance puts The Yamaha R1 in the second place of the top 5 super bikes of 2017.

#1 The kawasaki Ninja H2R

Ninja super bikes are famous all around the world specially the kawasaki Ninja H2R is one of the kind. This 1000 cc bike weighs around 2016 kilo grams. The kawasaki Ninja H2R costs a fortune this super bike comes with a price tag of $ 50,000. That’s not all the kawasaki Ninja H2R has recorded a top speed of 400 kilo meters per hour. A point to be mention driving this bad beast on the road is considered illegal in some countries. Top speed and performance has pushed this super bike to the number 1 position in the top 5 super bikes 2017 list.

Speed Thrills But Drive Safe – Peace Out – Hungry bachelors.


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