How to lose belly fat

How To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is really uncomfortable if you are someone who is conscious of your health and body physique. If you have ever tried to reduce your belly fat, you have seen how stubborn the belly fat is and how hard it is to keep it reduced.

After reading this article you will really know the proven ways on how to lose your belly fat and move towards six pack Abs.

How to lose belly fat

Belly fat is caused due to an excess of abdominal fat or visceral fat. Abdominal fat is stored in the abdominal cavity and is located between internal organs like the stomach, intestines, liver, kidney etc

You can use the following tips on losing belly fat along with your diet and exercise.

Diet tips for losing belly fat

Consume high-fiber foods

Belly fat can be caused due to bad eating habits like consuming food frequently.

How to lose belly fat

Eating high-fiber foods like blackberries, Brussel sprouts, flaxseed, avocados, and legumes gives you a  feeling of the stomach being full. As a result, you will eat less food and less frequently. This will be helpful for weight loss.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Although drinking small amounts of alcohol have health benefits, excessive consumption of alcohol will lead to the gaining of belly fat.

How to lose belly fat

If you do not want your drinking habit to affect your belly size, then it is advised to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink per day. It is the daily amount of alcohol you consume that affects your belly rather than the frequency of drinking.

High-protein diet

Eating a high-protein diet will increase your metabolism and also gives the feeling of fullness.

So you will eat less frequently, which result in weight loss. Protein also helps you to retain your muscles mass during weight loss.

How to lose belly fat

Protein-rich diets include meat, fish, eggs, beans etc. Make sure to add these in your diet frequently.

Decrease carbs

Eating more carbs can result in belly fat. Adding more protein and reducing carbs in your diet will be helpful for weight loss and belly fat reduction.

Good sources of carbs include vegetables, whole grains or legumes.

sugary food

Reduce sugary foods

Studies show that eating lots of sugary foods leads to an increase in belly fat. So it is better to consume less sugary foods or even better to avoid them fully.

Exercise tips for losing belly fat

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises-running, swimming, biking etc will increase your heart rate and are really effective in reducing belly fat. At Least 10 hours of aerobic exercise per week is required to reduce belly fat.

In addition to running, swimming and biking other aerobic exercises you can do includes squats, burpees, and treadmill sprints.

How to lose belly fat

To get much better results it is beneficial to focus on doing the aerobic exercise frequently throughout the week and for a longer duration rather than focusing on the intensity of the workout.

Do weight Training

Weight Training is really effective when it is done in combination with aerobic exercises.

Weight lifting also helps you in building the muscles.

How to lose belly fat

The most important thing is to focus on being consistent with your exercise. You will also get the best results by doing aerobic exercises and weight training on alternate days instead of the same day.

As a final tip, get plenty of good sleep. According to studies people who do not get quality sleep has more chance of gaining weight.

Make sure you get good quality sleep without any interruptions. Eat your food at least 2 hours before sleep and do not consume alcohol or any high sugar food before sleep.

How to lose belly fat

Keep distractions like your smartphone away during sleep. Also, make sure that you stop using smartphone one hour before sleep as blue light from phone screen tends to keep you in “awake” mode.

Losing belly fat is tough but is not an impossible task. If you implement all the tips given here and stay consistent you will keep reducing your belly fat and also maintain it.

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